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At IAFS we are passionate about any FREE quality accounts software and providing businesses with a key to bookkeeping.

At the heart of it we have






IAFS offers accounting and bookkeeping qualifications based on the QCF competencies on accounts software free or alternative to the commercial market leaders.


Software Accreditation

IAFS accredited software means it is vigorously tested for the quality. Otherwise there is no way for the users to know if the free or alternative software is in compliance.

Centre Approval

IAFS offers internationally its qualifications and welcomes an application for your centre to apply for an approval. Free software means students can offer benefits of their knowledge to local businesses straightaway.


Our aims


to help businesses with quality tools to get on with their bookkeeping without having to learn it all

• to facilitate accounting training with genuinely FREE and alternative software

• to provide certifications and qualifications in free and alternative accounting software

• to create an international directory of accounting professionals who provide and encourage the    accounting with the software approved by us, so the businesses can know where to look for such    services to save money

• to create a directory of training providers with the IAFS approved accounting software

• to create a directory of institutions or colleges able to offer courses with the IAFS approved    accounting software

• to provide the accreditation to any software at a reasonable cost to the IAFS Standards

• To provide the end users some assurance that the software does have a compliance of the quality    and standards expected by the accountancy rules and examinations.

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